Classic Sermon #6062: The Ark Within Us

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In 1 Samuel 4, Israel believes that bringing the ark of the covenant will solve their problems, but there is a deeper issue of spiritual sterility. God raises up Samuel as a prophet to minister to Israel, and they engage in battle with the Philistines. The life of God is often accompanied by the judgment of God, and when God begins to speak to Israel, they feel His demands to put their national life in order. When we come to the ways of the Lord, we are blessed, but God also wants to put our lives in order and work in all areas of our being. This may result in times of trial and difficulty, but it is a sign of God lifting up things that were numb and dirty and making them clear and mended.

Entering the ways of the Lord may involve times of struggle and conflict, as God brings to light and mends the areas of our life that need fixing. These times of difficulty are not a sign of God's absence or judgment, but a necessary part of the process of purification and growth. Many people give up on the Gospel during these critical times, after the honeymoon period has ended, because they fail to understand that it requires a deep commitment and a willingness to confront and overcome our inner demons. We must not blame God for our problems, but take responsibility for our actions and seek to deepen our personal relationship with Him. Holiness is not just about external acts or rituals, but about a total transformation of the way we think and relate to God. We must allow the life of God to penetrate every aspect of our being and mentality, and not simply seek external solutions like bringing the ark.

God wants transformation, not just a change in identity. Many religious people still have a pagan mentality, believing that God can be manipulated and that external acts are enough. However, God requires holiness and consecration of the individual, not just external acts. We must go through a process of death and resurrection, allowing God to transform us and infuse his values into our lives. We cannot manipulate God with acts, money, or church attendance. We must be consistent and deal with hidden areas in our lives. God wants us to have rest, but we must pay the price and submit to the sword of God and the cross of Christ. This way, we will reach where God wants us to be.

First of Samuel, we are going to go to chapter 4, I am going to review this passage again, I want to continue with our meditation on the subject of holiness. And I hope that this study of holiness is not something sterile for you, I don't want it to be, but I really want you to be blessed, for your mind to be open, for you to be enthusiastic, to see holiness not as something dry, sterile and boring, but as a goal to which we must aim, which is full of joy and promises from the Lord. In reality, holiness is the path to joy, the path to power. It is not designed to spoil the party, but quite the opposite, to make it possible for the abundant life of Christ to manifest in our lives.

And so we have to see holiness, not as self-righteousness, I say, they are two different things, but as a gift that God has for us. Chapter 4, First Samuel, says that Samuel spoke to all Israel, that is, I think it means that he prophesied, ministered to them, spoke to them so that they would correct their ways. We saw the spiritual bankruptcy that Israel found itself in as a result of the poverty of its leaders. God raises up a great man, who is Samuel, a prophet who began to rebuild the spiritual walls of that town. And so here Samuel begins his ministry and says that he spoke, he ministered to all Israel.

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