An Appointment with Christ: Proverbs 3 (Part 5)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The writer of Proverbs advises us to trust in the Lord with all our heart and not rely on our own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all our ways and He will make our paths straight. By putting our trust in the Lord, we become powerful and wise. We should consult God before making any decisions and acknowledge Him in all aspects of our lives. This will bring us happiness and good health.

On this occasion we continue our study of this wonderful passage from Proverbs Chapter 3. We have talked about God's call to treasure the Bible, the word of the Lord, not to forget God's law and to keep his teachings in our hearts. We have talked about the benefits of length of days and years of life and peace that are increased when we base our lives and our behavior on the word of the Lord. We have also spoken about that scriptural call not to let mercy and truth depart from us. We have said that a person who loves the word of God is a person of mercy and a person who guides his life by the principles of the truth of the word of God. We have talked about how when we live a life of mercy and truth then God gives us grace and good opinion, in other words, we acquire a good reputation with God and with men.

In fact, when I meditated on that passage again, I remembered what the Bible says about the Lord Jesus Christ growing in grace in the eyes of God and men. Do you know that when you live a just life and a life of mercy, you not only gain your sympathy and good reputation with men but also accumulate points, so to speak, with God. God watches from his throne and feels a special satisfaction for those of his children who live a life according to his word. And how good it is to have a good reputation in the eyes of God. How good it is for us to be able to approach the throne of God and know that we do it with a completely clear conscience because we love God, because we love his word, because we have fellowship with him, and it is not that we are going to be saved by works, I don't know It is about that, but that God has a special consideration for his children who do his word and obey him. And when we pray and ask for things before God we have much more authority if we do it in the name of Jesus, than those who only have their life and their personal behavior as the things that recommend it. When one uses the mercy of God, based on the word of the Lord, then the grace of God does not stop flowing over our lives.

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