Why are we going to breathe in front of the Jordan?

Isaías Rivera
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The passage from Joshua 4 tells the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the promised land. The people had been waiting for this moment for 40 years, and the obstacle of the river seemed insurmountable. However, God had a plan, and through the priests carrying the ark of the covenant, the river divided and the people were able to cross on dry land. The stones that were taken from the riverbed were set up as a memorial to the miracle that God had performed. The message is that when we face obstacles in our lives, we must have faith in God and remember that He has a plan for us. We must not focus on the magnitude of the problem, but on the power of God's presence within us.

The sermon talks about the importance of remembering events in our lives where God intervened and how they can be like stones that remind us of His presence and blessings. The speaker emphasizes that we should not only remember these events but also share them with others to teach them about God's providence and power. He encourages listeners to have Jesus at the center of their lives and homes, and to take the stones of their experiences to raise monuments of blessing and victory. The sermon also emphasizes the importance of conviction over convenience in our faith.

In Puerto Rico, there used to be a ministry where horror movies were shown to scare unconverted people into converting. However, Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was not just a convenience, but a permanent conviction that gives eternal salvation. When we face our struggles alone, remember that Jesus is in the middle of it all and won't move.

This morning while I was praying in the morning service, one of the things I said in prayer was that many do not come, their morning they get up and they do not have a purpose that they are going to do during the day, they get up to see what happens. We, the believers, have been waiting for the Sunday service since Saturday, we are yearning within all our complicated and complex lives, we are waiting for that Sunday to come here.

We get up on Sunday with a purpose, to come to the house of God, adore him and bless him. As usual when I was on my way here with Vivian and my son Isaías, Vivian tells me on the way, “Don't use the short route, use the long route,” and we stop at the bank to withdraw money. One of the things that I usually do when I park in a shopping center, I almost never park in front of the bank but it's Sunday, 8:30 in the morning, the parking lot is almost empty, that is, I parked in front of the bank's door. Vivian gets out to get the money from the ATM and I know why there is a business next to the bank, I don't know what kind of business, but this young man who is moving the doors of the business as if to enter and I wonder and I say in my mind, but he should read the hours of when that business opens, but he insisted on his door.

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