The blood of the everlasting covenant

Richard Booker
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SUMMARY: The blood covenant is the main theme of the Scriptures, and it is a binding agreement between two parties that involves bloodshed. The covenant is divided into two parts: the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. The first step in the blood pact ritual is to exchange cloaks or clothing, representing the exchange of life. The second step is to exchange belts, representing the exchange of strength. The third step is to cut the pact, representing the sacrifice of one's life for the benefit of the other. The fourth step is to hit or high-five, representing the sacred blood pact. God has made a covenant with Himself for us that cannot be broken, and He has established this covenant through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God has made a blood covenant with us, which is a deep and personal agreement. In this covenant, God exchanges names and natures with us, making it possible for us to identify with His wounds and to have His righteous nature. The terms and conditions of the agreement are declared, and a memorial meal is eaten to remember the pact. The final step is the planting of a memorial tree stained with blood as a witness to the covenant. Through this covenant, God offers us all His belongings, properties, and resources to meet every need in our lives. We can receive all that He has for us by taking part in the symbolic meal and giving our needs to Him.

Open your bibles please to the Book of Hebrews, New Testament. We're going to look at some images, some paintings or pictures in a moment, but first I want to read you a few verses from the Bible. There in Hebrews, the 13th chapter, is the last chapter of the Book of Hebrews. Hebrews chapter 13 verses 20 and 21. It says, "Now." Can you say with me now? Now. Tell your neighbor now. God can help us now. God loves us now and has power for us now at this time. God can heal you now, God can save you now and he can comfort us now, he can fill us with his Spirit now.

Yesterday, too late already. We don't know about tomorrow either, but we are living in the now, now is when we need God to help us. Hallelujah. I can cheer up so I'm going to try to behave and be calm. But now, now, now, God come now and help us now.

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