Samson - the importance of not wasting the call and the gift of God

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The author discusses two negative characters, Esau and Samson, who wasted their gifts and sublime call from God. They did not appreciate or value their calling, leading to failure, defeat, and tragedy. The author emphasizes that every Christian has a gift and calling, and it is essential to appreciate and treasure it, paying the price necessary to protect and keep it. Samson, born in a time of oppression and war in Israel, was a Nazarite from birth, consecrated to God. He had extraordinary strength and served as a liberator and ruler of Israel for 20 years. However, he did not discipline himself in the sexual area, and his womanizing behavior led to his downfall. The author reminds us that every gift has a dark side, and we must be aware of its price and danger.

The story of Samson in the Bible teaches us about the importance of protecting and valuing the gifts and callings that God has given us. Samson was a man with incredible physical strength and vitality, but his weakness was women and his large appetite for food. His hair was a symbol of God's authority and control over his life, but when he allowed it to be cut, he lost his anointing and power. The origin of the gift comes from God, and our ability to do great things comes from Him and His Spirit within us. Consecration and holiness to God are necessary for the gift to operate in our lives, and we must remain aware that the gift belongs to God and has conditions. We must take care of the gift and use it correctly, or God may take it away.

The gift of God is not ours, but lent to us by God, and it comes with conditions. If we do not take care of it and live a consecrated life, God will take it away. The cost of the gift is high, and requires a life of abstinence, discipline, and inner struggle. If we want God to use us, we must pay the price and fully embrace the character of Jesus. The power of the gift is great, and we can move mountains with it, but it requires a price to be paid, and we cannot live between two waters. We must fully surrender to God and seek Him.

This sermon talks about the importance of living in the power of God and the price that must be paid for it. The power of God is essential for a happy and prosperous life, but it also comes with enemies who want to destroy you. It is important to remember the danger and stay sober-minded. However, there is hope for redemption, as seen through Samson's story. If we consecrate ourselves and pay the price, the glory of God will fall on the earth. The sermon ends with a call to consecrate our lives to the Lord and seek His face.

There are two characters that have been floating in my mind and disturbing me a lot that are like graphic illustrations of this concept of holiness and consecration that we have been talking about. There is nothing like a good illustration many times to tighten something that we have been told in a theoretical, abstract way, a good illustration like something that we have learned settles well in the heart and in the mind. And sometimes people don't even remember what we preach but they remember a good illustration, a good image.

And there are two characters that God has brought to my mind and that I have been meditating on them. And I've been building myself with them too and they've been warning me, to use that word too, about the importance of taking care of our gift, taking care of our calling, not wasting the call or the gift of God.

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