Resurrección (John 11)

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: In this Resurrection Day, we meditate on the Christ of the Resurrection and the positive implications it has for our lives. The story of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus illustrates how Christ has the power to intervene in our own deaths and situations. We must remember to turn to Christ in times of need and cultivate a relationship with Him daily. The power of prayer and intercession is also highlighted in the story. By establishing a relationship with Christ, we can live in the power of the Resurrection and expect eternal life and victory over adversity, sickness, and difficulties.

The writer of Ecclesiastes advises to remember God in times of normalcy, before difficult times come. Trials and difficulties can be used by God to bring about His glory and to refine us. Jesus delayed going to heal Lazarus, allowing him to die, in order to show His power over death. Our perspective should be transformed to see things through the eyes of Jesus, who is not afraid of any problem and can resolve anything. We should have faith in God's power to overcome difficulties and to bring about His glory.

The speaker encourages listeners to change their negative perspective and have faith in Jesus Christ to overcome challenges. They use the story of Lazarus to demonstrate the difference in perspective between Jesus and his disciples, who saw death as final while Jesus saw it as a prelude to something greater. The speaker emphasizes that in Christ, death has no relevance, and the Christian should not fear it. Instead, they should have faith in Jesus' power to overcome any problem. The speaker invites those who have not yet accepted Jesus into their lives to come forward and establish a relationship with him.

The speaker invites people to come to the altar and receive the blessing of Christ, declaring freedom from bondage and inviting people to confess Jesus as their savior. They lead a confession prayer and encourage people to serve Jesus and overcome difficulties with His help. They celebrate the resurrection of Christ and encourage people to continue seeking Him.

En este día de resurrección nosotros queremos meditar en el Cristo de la Resurrección, queremos meditar en el hecho de que tu y yo podemos vivir en ese triunfo de la Resurrección y aquí vemos al Señor anticipadamente dando muestras de lo que iba a significar su Resurrección y las implicaciones positivas que eso iba a tener en la vida de todos los seguidores de Cristo.

Juan XI: Vamos a leer algunos versículos y allí entraremos más de lleno en el relato. Dice el versículo 1: Estaba enfermo uno llamado Lázaro, de Betania, la aldea de María y de Marta, su hermana. María, cuyo hermano Lázaro estaba enfermo fue la que ungió al Señor con perfume y le enjugó los pies con sus cabellos. Enviaron pues las hermanas para decir a Jesús “Señor he aquí el que amas, está enfermo.”

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