Mark Mueller : Honduras Mission Presentation November 20, 2005

Mark Mueller
Mark Mueller

SUMMARY: The pastor introduces Mark Mueller, a young missionary in Honduras from their congregation. Mark is a physical therapist who has been serving in Honduras since November 2003, building a rehabilitation ministry for children. He trains Hondurans in physical therapy for children, supports institutions, trains their staff or students, supports families with rehabilitation devices, projects the ministry in the community, and shares the love of Christ. He lives with a minimum and needs more support. The pastor encourages the congregation to support Mark's ministry and blesses him with more anointing and resources. Mark shares photos and stories of the children he serves and his vision for the future. He is also joining Cure International to do orthopedic surgery for children. The pastor emphasizes that God is raising up a ministry in their church, and encourages the congregation to extend God's hands of mercy to nations and cities through missionaries like Mark. The pastor blesses Mark with a prayer, and invites the congregation to stop by his table after the service to support his ministry.

This is a presentation about the Honduras mission, which can be heard or seen through the provided links for modem and DSL connections.

Mark Mueller, a young missionary in Honduras, and Mark is from our congregation. Give it a round of applause for this missionary that God is using in Honduras. I know many of you know him and I have always invited Mark when he comes on vacation, which isn't really a vacation, it's more a time to get in touch with his supporters, and raise funds for his ministry, list other people who support you. We like it because this is a ministry born in León de Judá.

Mark came to the church, Meche how long, like 14, 15 years maybe? Not so much, 8? No, because you were in Cambridge, we have been here for 10 years, it has to be more than 10. How? No, because you were there in Cambridge when we were there in the city and we've been here for 10 years, so it's more, much more than ten years here. The fact is that, it doesn't matter, the important thing is that Marcos got to know the Hispanic world here in our church. The Lord put in his heart a desire to serve the Latino people and he learned Spanish with us. God called him to Honduras. We made a connection there with brothers and Mark has left his heart there in Honduras, and God uses him in many ways, in more than one way. God uses Mark in physical therapy. He is a physical therapist, and Mark could be making a lot of money here in the US, but God has put him to give his talents to the missionary world, to the Kingdom of God. And we want you to hear what God is doing through Mark in Honduras, but through you who are supporting him, and this is for our benefit and our encouragement. So listen to what God is doing through Mark.

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