Luke 17:11

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
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SUMMARY: The importance of gratitude and having a thankful attitude before the Lord is highlighted in Luke 17:11-19, where only one out of ten lepers who were healed returned to thank Jesus. Gratitude is a distinctive of the Christian life and permeates every aspect of it, as Colossians 3:15-17 emphasizes. Gratitude is also linked to deeper truths of the Kingdom of God and humility of heart is a pre-requisite for insight into these truths. The Samaritan leper who returned to thank Jesus demonstrated humility and a sense of unworthiness, which made him more disposed to bless Jesus. Gratitude is not just a simple, mundane kind of gratitude, but is linked to powerful truths of the scripture.

Gratitude is important and linked to deeper truths of the Kingdom of God. We should be grateful to doctors, nurses, teachers, and anyone who blesses us. It is important to have an affirming attitude and express thanks to people who help us. We should not underestimate the importance of expressing thankfulness. God revels in our thankfulness and misses us when we do not present ourselves before his presence to thank him. Gratitude engenders powerful feelings of approval and revelation from the heart of God. We should generate gratitude and ask God for a spirit of gratitude and worship.

Next week we have Thanksgiving and so it’s very appropriate that we study a little bit about an attitude of thankfulness, having gratitude before the Lord, having a gracious, thankful attitude which is so important. I want to sort of make it very clear to us, how important it is to have and attitude of thankfulness, being thankful before the Lord and also before others.

Luke 17:11, if you have your Bible please read with me, I’ll read in Spanish. Summarizing for those who don’t have the Bible, it says that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem and He was going between Samaria and Galilee when he entered a village, 10 men who had leprosy came close to him, but far enough to stay away according to the law, and they stood at a distance and they raised their voice saying: Jesus, master have mercy upon us. And when He saw them He said: Go and show yourselves to the priests. And it happened that as they went they were cleansed and then one of them, seeing that he had been healed, returned glorifying God in a great voice and he bowed and placed his face upon the earth and he gave thanks to Jesus and this man was a Samaritan and Jesus answering said: Weren’t there 10 who were cleansed and the other 9 where are they? There was no one else to return and give glory to God except for this stranger? And he said: Rise, go, your faith has made you whole, your faith has saved you.

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