How will this be?

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In this sermon, the speaker discusses the two announcements of impossible births in Luke 1:11-25 and 1:26-38. Both announcements promise life where there was not supposed to be life and are made by an angel of the Lord. However, both Zacharias and Mary question how these miracles could happen, which the speaker relates to the fear and doubt we feel when faced with impossible situations in our own lives. The speaker emphasizes that the Christmas story is a reminder of an active, present, and miraculous God who works wonders in humanity, and that when God wants to perform a miracle in our lives, there is usually an announcement or a harbinger of something magical that has been brewing within us.

When God wants to perform a miracle in our life, there is usually an announcement, as seen in the stories of Mary and Elizabeth. The announcement can come through a little voice, an impulse, a concern, or a tickle inside our being. It is up to us to recognize and obey the announcement, and let it transform our lives. The Christmas message is that God wants to turn our sterility into abundance and our lack into fruit. We must cultivate a perspective of abundance and start walking the path towards our vision. When an announcement comes, we must ask the Lord for wisdom and clarity, but not with disbelief like Zacarias. Our life is supposed to be a life of miracles, and how we react to the announcement will determine what follows in our life.

The story of Zacarias and Maria in the Bible shows the difference in their attitudes towards the angel's message. Zacarias asks with disbelief, while Maria asks a technical question. The angel responds differently to each, with Zacarias being punished for his disbelief. This is similar to the story of Abraham and Sara, where Sara laughs in disbelief at the angel's message. The sermon emphasizes the importance of believing in God's miracles and not settling for a life of mediocrity. The essence of a miracle is going from zero to infinity, and the Lord loves to do resoundingly big things with small things. The sermon ends with a prayer for God to impregnate us with his life and help us be open to his intentions for our lives.

Brothers, I invite you to go to the word of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel according to Saint Luke, let's go to Chapter 1, one of the most famous, most beautiful stories in the entire history of the universe. And let's start, there are two announcements we could call them in Chapter 1, of impossible births. Both announced by an angel of the Lord, both promising life where there was not supposed to be life.

Let's start with verse 11 of Chapter 1 of Saint Luke, it says there:

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