Dennis Peacocke - Only disciples change the world (part 2)

Dennis Peacocke
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SUMMARY: Dennis Peacocke shares his personal background and journey to Christianity, including his involvement in the civil rights and Marxist movements. He emphasizes the importance of reading the Bible with a passion and a hunger for truth, rather than a self-centered focus. He critiques human religion and the idea of simply being a Christian for the sake of going to heaven, arguing that true discipleship involves bringing heaven to earth and stewarding the Kingdom of God. He also highlights the original meaning of the Greek word "ecclesia" as congress, emphasizing the call for Christians to govern and lead.

The speaker talks about how Christians need to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and not just followers. He criticizes the church for not being able to live up to the vision of making a difference in the world and emphasizes the need for discipline, speaking in tongues, and whole-hearted commitment. He also calls out the church for its sexual sin, debt, racism, and lack of unity. The speaker urges listeners to give their all to God and become liberators in the same way Jesus was a liberator. The goal is to bring transformation to Boston and the world.

The joy is mine to be here with Roberto and with you and his lovely wife and I’m very impressed with the leadership here in your church. You have a great destiny and a great future. And I want to share this morning a little bit, I hope that will help you achieve where you want to go.

Let me share a little bit out of my background to contextualize some of what I’m going to say. How many of you were here for the first service? Some of you, maybe leaders.

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