Dennis Peacocke - Only disciples change the world (part 1)

Dennis Peacocke
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SUMMARY: Dennis Peacocke talks about how Christians can impact society with their faith and values. He emphasizes the importance of being disciples of Christ rather than just Christians, and how discipleship involves daily training and practice in the word of God. He also notes that Christians have never changed the world, but it is the disciples of Christ who have throughout history. He encourages believers to strive for spiritual transformation and to become equipped to teach and bring change to their communities.

The Holy Spirit is our coach and helps us in our daily training as disciples of Jesus. We should ask him what he wants to work on in our lives and be open to hearing his voice. We should aim to break the cycle of neurosis, which is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. As disciples, we should be awake and alert to the Holy Spirit's leading throughout the day, and not just during our quiet time. We are called to be disciples of the Father, just like Jesus, and to be instruments of deliverance and transformation for others. The speaker encourages us to start our day with prayer for the day and to live a lifestyle of discipleship.

God has used Dennis Peacocke in many, many nations of the world, developing leaders and developing this basic understanding of how a Christian vision can impact society and we can, as Christians, possess the gates of the world.

Dennis has been used through the writing of books, through giving lectures, through raising ministries in different parts of the world, and teaching people how the marketplace can be a place also for evangelism, and a place that can be penetrated by the teachings of Christianity, by Christian values.

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