Children's Ministry Celebration

Dr. Roberto Miranda
Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The Sunday service focused on the importance of children's ministry and the impact it can have on a child's life. The speakers shared personal stories and testimonies about the influence of their own childhood experiences with the Bible and the importance of passing on those experiences to the next generation. The pastor read a passage from Matthew 19 about Jesus blessing the children and emphasized the idea that God invests in us and cares for us throughout our lives. The congregation was encouraged to visit the children's ministry on the third floor and to take an active role in teaching their own children about the Bible.

The sermon was about the importance of valuing children and investing time in them. Just as God invests in us and cares for us, we as parents and the church should invest in the lives of children. Satan also values children and seeks to plant negative impulses and attitudes in their minds. Therefore, it is important for parents and the church to counter this by dedicating time to children, praying for them, and being an example to them. It is not an easy task, but it is a mission and vision as men and women of God. The church can complement what parents do, but we cannot do their work. The message encourages us to cultivate our garden, take care of our land, and value our children.

The speaker urges parents to value their children and understand that they are examples for them, whether good or bad. They should pray for their children and repeat truths to them multiple times so that they become ingrained in their personality. The church can complement their efforts, but it is ultimately up to the parents to educate and guide their children. The speaker prays for strength and anointing for parents, especially those struggling, and asks for God's intervention in families with lost children. The prayer ends with a blessing for the children's ministry.

We have the one in charge of the Sunday school at 12, Carlota Noriega with a beautiful team of leaders, with Naomi Blanco, with Cenia Paulino, with Eunice, with Carlos Beltrán, a good team of leaders and she is only going to share a little bit of the ministry with you .

Brothers, I think that with what you have heard you have been able to process for a few seconds that the children's ministry is really working, and that it is working because you are being pioneers. Brothers, I liked that word a lot, pioneers of the word of God. Those little critters are coming out evangelists, right? People are leaving who are taking their parents, who do not know the Lord, the word, and that is our call. I invite all those who visit us for the first time to go up to the third level and see the rooms, and see the drawings on the walls and everything, and all my brothers who are there have been programmed. Time has been taken to ensure that not only children enjoy them, but parents as well. When you go up to the third floor, do me a favor and go down to the age of your child so that you can also feel what your child feels up there. So every time he goes up, he goes down to be a boy who is cute, right?, because he goes down to his level. And I also want to tell you that I am not going to give a testimony, I am going to read a little thing, a quick note and it is called "I would like to be television." This was the prayer of a 6-year-old girl and it goes like this:

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