Bonds of Love: 83 people came to the feet of the Lord during the 2006 summer trip

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The missionaries of 'Lazos de Amor' went to the Dominican Republic to spread the word of God and serve the needy. They had a medical operation where 443 people were treated, 83 people converted to Christianity, 483 children attended Bible school, and 143 haircuts were given. They closed 4 streets and even a sorcerer converted to the Lord. They encouraged others to join them in their mission and share the word of God fearlessly.

The brothers of 'Lazos de Amor', this missionary service ministry, went to the Dominican Republic for a short trip to spread the word and socially serve the needy people in the Dominican Republic.

And we can't just leave that up in the air, we have to celebrate what God is doing through normal, simple men and women who only have a passion to serve the Kingdom of God.

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