Basil Yarde : Testimony and Prophecy for Congregation Lion of Judah

Basil Yarde
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SUMMARY: Basil Yarde, a pastor and evangelist, visited Congregation Lion of Judah in Boston and delivered a prophetic message about the importance of the church's name and their role in bringing a revival to Boston. He encouraged them to invite other churches and believers to their bilingual services so they could learn to tap into the frequency of heaven. Yarde shared his own testimony of following God's call to ministry, including a miraculous healing from a broken neck. He also announced that a recording of the service and an interview with Dr. Miranda would be aired on two radio stations to spread the word about what God was doing in Boston. Yarde ended his message with a blessing over the congregation.

We just welcome you guys, this morning and we thank you for being here. Just know that you’re being recorded so you have to be on your best behavior this morning. This worship service, an edited form of it is going to be transmitted and I’ll let pastor Yarde give us a little more details, who he is and what he’s doing with us here today. We welcome you brother. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being here.

Thank you pastor Roberto. I am so delighted to be here. For a while I thought I was in heaven, because the presence of the Lord is so real and rich and tangible here, and the way that you worship is worship designed for a king. ¡Alleluia!

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