A retail town

Dr. Roberto Miranda
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In this sermon, the speaker emphasizes the importance of details in life and how they can make a big difference in any situation. He uses the parable of the two debtors to illustrate how a small detail can make or break a relationship, and how attention to detail is what sets extraordinary people apart from average ones. He also talks about how cultures and successful nations are characterized by their attention to detail and discipline, and how leaders who are disciplined and pay attention to detail can lead their organizations to greatness.

The key to greatness in any aspect of life, whether it be in marriage, work, or ministry, is attention to detail and persistence. Many people settle for mediocrity, but it's important to strive for excellence and go above and beyond what is expected. In the story of Simon and the woman who anointed Jesus, the woman stood out because she gave with extreme passion and attention to detail, while Simon only gave the basics. In practical terms, this means paying attention to details in reports, punctuality, dress, and studying the history of a company or organization. In ministry, attention to detail is also important, and even small mistakes can take away from the overall experience. Striving for excellence and attention to detail can lead to greatness and blessings in all aspects of life.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of paying attention to details in all aspects of life, including work, relationships, and ministry. He notes that small details can make a big difference in achieving excellence and reaching spiritual greatness. He uses examples such as cooking and building to illustrate his point and cites examples from the letters to the churches in Revelation where the Lord praises churches for their good works but also points out flaws in their attention to detail. The speaker encourages listeners to examine themselves and strive for Olympic lives, always seeking to improve and perfect their character and performance in every area of life.

The Lord is calling us to strive for excellence in all areas of our life, not just settling for doing 90% right. We should give our best to the Lord and seek to be a pleasing offering to Him. We need to identify the areas of our life that need improvement and give them to the Lord, even if they seem small and unimportant. Details matter, and we should not underestimate their importance. Let us ask the Lord to cleanse and examine us, removing anything that is not from Him.

The text for this meditation is found in Luke, Chapter 7. Let's go to verse 40, Luke 7:40. I would like to talk about a thoughtful town, a thoughtful town, details, the importance of detail. Perhaps this is not a topic that you have heard many times in a sermon and I myself have not heard it either and I have given it, but we are going to see what the Lord has: the details, the importance of details in life, to be retailers, which also has to do with excellence.

I want to address this word to all our leaders who work in the congregation, to the hujieres, I want to address it to the praise group, which I hope are also listening, to the brothers who work in sound and transparencies. I want to direct it to the teachers of the congregation, I want to direct it to our deacons and elders of the church, to direct it to those who work with young people as well, and to our pastors, and leaders, and of course also to myself, because it is my turn and I already know the part that touches me in that sermon. I already processed it, I assure you. And the Lord already gave me my two or three lashes, too, so I am preaching as a wounded healer too, from the word of the Lord.

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