A Christ-centric recipe to transform the city

Jews for Jesus
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker discusses the importance of the church's role in transforming society, specifically for the Latin community. He shares a Christ-centric recipe for transforming the city with six ingredients. The first is taking on Jesus' mission to minister to the poor, oppressed, and needy. The second is recruiting a team to work together towards fulfilling God's plan.

The passage discusses the mission of Jesus to minister to the needy and oppressed. It emphasizes the importance of having a team and personal ministry towards those in need, being creative and expecting criticism. The last ingredient is the need for new wineskins to hold new wine, meaning that we need to be open to change and willing to adapt to new ways of doing things to effectively fulfill God's plans.

Noel Castellanos, a speaker, shared six ingredients for a successful church: having a clear mission, working as a team, adding a personal touch, being creative, expecting criticism, and being like new wineskins for new wine. He gave an example of making a strange Christmas sauce without tomatoes that nobody wanted to try. A friend suggested adding tomatoes, which made the sauce more appealing. The church must have these ingredients to make an impact on those in need. The speaker encourages the church to be involved in serving others and transforming society. The church is called to be a transforming agent in all areas of the community. The speaker prays for the church and asks for God's guidance in fulfilling its mission.

This morning, what I would like to share with you is a biblical recipe, or rather I am going to say, a Christ-centric recipe for transforming the city, and when I normally speak of transforming the city, in my heart I have a very special concern for the Latin Quarter. the Latin people. Because you know that at this time, it is a critical time for our people throughout the United States. In the last two weeks we have been seeing the immigration marches, we have been seeing an incredible movement and they have already said it, right, for the last ten, fifteen years that a giant has awakened, which is the Latino people.

But we are at the point where we have to ask, ask a question like the church, everything that is happening, happening right now, what is the role of the church towards everything this issue. You understand me?

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