the pioneering spirit

Gregory Bishop
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The pioneering spirit is the willingness to go where one has never gone before and take risks in the name of God. It requires walking by faith and not by sight, being willing to fail, and breaking from the past. As immigrants, we are already pioneers, pushing forward for a better future for ourselves and our families. The story of Joseph and the Japanese immigrants shows how even forced immigrants can embrace the pioneering spirit and trust in God's plan. As a church, we are called to be pioneers and follow God's lead into uncharted territory.

The speaker discusses the idea of immigrants being missionaries in the country they are in, using his own family's story as an example. He encourages embracing and adopting the country while still maintaining cultural and ethnic identity. The US is discussed as a country with both Christian principles and national sins, and the importance of Christians being vocal against these sins is emphasized. The speaker concludes by calling on immigrants to be missionaries and bring a different perspective that enriches society.

The pastor encourages the congregation to be pioneers and break generational patterns of sin and curses. He shares examples of people who come from families with a history of divorce, drug addiction, and other negative behaviors, but have chosen to follow Christ and establish a new way of living. He also emphasizes the importance of being a blessing to society and making a positive impact. The pastor invites the congregation to rededicate themselves to God's call on their lives and to be bold in breaking new ground. They pray together and consecrate themselves to God's call to conquer and be a blessing.

The pioneering spirit, the spirit of a few crazy Christians that everyone called Hallelujahs. These Hallelujahs are crazy. And so they had to flee their country and find a country where they could freely praise God and build a society that they hoped would represent the principles of the Kingdom of God. They got into a small boat and arrived here where there were bears and animals and indigenous people who shot arrows at them and founded a country.

And we live under their generational blessing. And I want to talk today about the pioneering spirit that prompted them to get here, the pioneering spirit that God wants to put in us and that we want to live in the name of Jesus. And we are going to see that even the pilgrims were not perfect, and no country is perfect. But God is faithful and loves every nation on earth and has his purpose with every nation on earth and we are part of that, and we are going to talk about it.

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