Women's Ministry Seminar: A Woman of Great Influence

Mercedes López-Miranda
(Audio: Español)

RESUMEN: The theme for the day is 'A woman of great influence'. Women have many small circles of influence, such as family, neighborhood, work, school, church, and businesses they frequent. Companies pay billions of dollars to advertise their products, knowing that humans are highly influenced by them. However, it is important to be vigilant about negative influences and prioritize the supernatural aspect of our being. Women have the ability to positively influence others through their day-to-day interactions. As ambassadors of the King, we should let our light shine before men. The story of Abigail in the first book of Samuel, Chapter 25, is a model of an excellent woman of influence.

The story of Abigail can be found in 1 Samuel 25:1-39. Abigail was a woman who had a good reputation, emotional balance, leadership skills, and wisdom. She was married to Nabal, a rich man who was known for his bad deeds. When David and his warriors asked Nabal for food, he insulted them, leading David to prepare for a massacre. Abigail intervened, sending provisions and speaking prophetically to David. She prevented bloodshed and saved her household. Abigail's story teaches us the importance of having a good reputation and using our influence for good. We should also strive to have emotional balance, leadership skills, and wisdom.

Abigail was a wise and influential woman who had a good reputation, emotional balance, and wisdom. She did not allow the pain and wounds of her life to bring her down, but rather used them to grow and become a resource to others. She was able to handle difficult situations and make wise decisions. It is important for us to recognize our need for healing and seek help from God and others. We can choose to be healthy and have joy, even in difficult circumstances.

The passage discusses the importance of wisdom in a person's life, and how it is not just about knowledge but putting it into practice. Abigail, a woman in the Bible, is praised for her wisdom and leadership in facing a crisis. The fear of Jehovah is said to be the beginning of wisdom, and the passage emphasizes the importance of making wise decisions in everyday life. Abigail's reputation, emotional balance, wisdom, and leadership qualities are discussed as key elements of her success in facing a difficult situation.

Abigail was a wise and influential leader who used her gift of verbal communication to prevent David from committing a grave mistake. She approached him with humility and spoke eloquently, using her wisdom to convince him not to spill innocent blood. She listened to God and was aware of the prophetic move happening around her. Abigail was emotionally balanced and lived a reputable life, allowing her to positively impact others. She modeled kingdom values and became a spiritual mother to many, transforming their lives and helping them make decisions that glorify God. To be an influential leader like Abigail, one must focus on building reputation, emotional balance, wisdom, and leadership skills.

'A woman of great influence' is the theme we have for this day. We as human beings are highly relational, especially women, right? Wherever we are, we are making contact with other people, and we have a circle of influence, and that great circle of influence is made up of many smaller circles of influence.

Think right now, where do you move? Think, what are small circles of influence? Raise your hand and I ask you to say, let's see. What is the most logical? The family, right? And within the family we could say, the relationship with the husband, the relationship with the children and the extended family, right? So even within the family there are many small circles.

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