Samuel Caraballo: Healing Testimony

Samuel Caraballo
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The author shares a personal testimony of being diagnosed with a kidney problem at the age of 12, but through prayer and faith, the Lord healed them. They express the belief that the Lord has plans for our lives beyond our illnesses and troubles, and that we can trust in Him to be with us through every situation. They end by singing a song of praise to the Lord.

More than 12 years ago, a month like this, I had been diagnosed with a problem with my kidneys, a kidney problem at the age of 12 and I still remember as if it were today, the prayer we said during a prayer service in my church in Puerto Rico, and the Lord really answered that request 12 years later, there is no problem with my kidneys.

It was a congenital disease. My grandmother died of kidneys, my uncle died of kidneys and well, when it was found that I had the same disease, the first thing was that everyone was wow, here we go for the other trauma.

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