Put grace to the truth

Luis Rivas
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In this sermon, the speaker discusses the two most important qualities of Jesus: grace and truth. He emphasizes the importance of having both qualities in building healthy relationships and churches. He warns against being only a "truth Christian" and not having grace, which can lead to hurting others and damaging relationships. He also jokes about the unrealistic expectations some people may have if they had the power of Jesus, such as being able to fly or freeze people in time.

The speaker talks about the importance of balancing truth and grace in our relationships with others. He gives the example of Jesus who was full of both truth and grace when dealing with the woman caught in adultery. He emphasizes that love without truth can breed monsters, but truth without grace can be hurtful. He encourages us to tell the truth gracefully, without offending others. He concludes by saying that we should add grace to our relationships with our family, church, and community, and not negotiate either truth or grace.

The prayer asks for help in balancing grace and truth in all relationships, not just being firm in character but also adding grace to interactions. It acknowledges that truth without grace can be harsh, and grace without truth can be empty. The prayer asks for blessings for family, friends, and colleagues, and emphasizes the importance of exercising love with consciousness.

We were pastoring a church in New York until the month of August and we left the pastorate and today we began to travel, to preach, to meet our people again. And it is a pleasure to be here in the León de Judá where there are so many beautiful people, so many special people. Those who raise their voices do not worry, this is accommodated. Here we go, here we go. Glory to God.

As the weather is quite strict and does not forgive, even if it is hoarse, I greet my friend Jorge Ribera who has been kind enough to bring us from Milford, rather from Providence last night. And the best woman who gave birth to Venezuela accompanies me, Dolis, stand up and greet the brothers. She's been putting up with me for 30 years, that's why she's already earned heaven. They are going to give you the crown of patience, the crown of life for having endured this server for 30 years, 30 years.

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