Nehemiah 1 - Those who cry and those who act

Andrés Cisterna
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: The speaker opens with a reference to the Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 1, verses 3-4, where Nehemiah weeps and mourns upon hearing the news of the destruction of the wall of Jerusalem. The speaker identifies three types of Christians: crybabies, who are emotional and sentimental; those who pray and fast and mourn; and those who also act and position themselves in a defined structure. The speaker emphasizes the importance of Christians taking action and positioning themselves in a defined structure, rather than just crying or praying. Christians should present Jesus Christ as the banner and preach the Gospel with concrete actions. The speaker calls for practical churches, not theoretical churches, with members who are willing to act and rebuild.

The author encourages readers to reflect on their personal commitment to their faith and to consider the importance of action and practicality in their church community. The author cites the example of Nehemiah and encourages readers to prioritize their efforts to help others and rebuild their communities, rather than focusing only on their own problems. The author provides a challenge to readers to strive to be doers of the word, rather than just hearers.

I am going to ask you to open your Bibles to the Book of Neemiah in Chapter 1. While I had the opportunity to participate in the fast call, the Lord urged me to read this Book and also while I have been participating in the information and talks on the topic of immigration, the Lord of this Book brought me a topic for that.

And I thought that was everything and the Lord these days has been working on me a structure in the way how many times we see each other. In this Chapter of Neemiah in the verse that we are going to read, verses 3 and 4, Chapter 1, verses 3 and 4, he gives us a structure. And we are going to read these verses in the name of Jesus Christ.

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