My god is creator

Faustino de Jesús Zamora Vargas
Faustino de Jesús Zamora Vargas

SUMMARY: God created the universe and everything in it, including humanity. He gave us authority to rule over creation, but when we sinned and disobeyed Him, we fell into darkness and separation from God. However, God still cares for us and imparts salvation through Christ Jesus. Despite our smallness in the universe, we are called to be stewards of all things and submit to God's authority. Sin is our great problem as it leads to the destruction of ecology, but Jesus Christ is the Lord of creation who humbled Himself to give us the benefit of redemption and make us heirs of all things. God created man for His own glory and all creation bears witness to that glory.

Have you ever thought, in your condition as a human being, in the place you occupy in the universe in the face of the immensity and majesty of the one who created the world from nothing? Have you thought about how insignificant we seem in the concert of so much wonder drawn by the voice and finger of God? The first verse of the Bible answers all the questions of the philosophy of all times in his fruitless search for the origin of everything that exists. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen 1.1.) And created man and woman and gave them authority to rule over all creation. When man erred in the direction he should take by the authority given by God, he disobeyed and fell into the dark abyss of sin and separation from God. Man forgot that the supreme authority is God, who did everything for his glory.

The Lord of history, the creator, perfect and redeemer of the world, put his eyes on man, cares about his relationship with Him (Ps 8: 8-8), speaks to us, exalts us, fills us with favors and as if this It was not enough, the God of eternity imparts to man, the crown of his creation, salvation in Christ Jesus.

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