Isaiah 45:1-12

Jim Jorgenson
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SUMMARY: The speaker talks about the four voices of building God's kingdom, as mentioned in Isaiah 45:1-12. The first voice is the voice of comfort and restoration. God wants to restore families, infiltrate society with the gospel, and bring hope to people. The second voice is the voice of preparation. God wants to make the rough ways smooth, tear down strongholds of the devil, and use people as instruments of restoration. The third voice is the voice of reformation. God wants to reform every area of society and bring it under the lordship of Jesus Christ. The fourth voice is the voice of salvation. God wants to bring people to salvation and use them to bring salvation to others. The speaker encourages people to be discipled and prepared to bring forth reformation in their city.

The speaker is sharing a prophetic message from the Holy Spirit about the four voices of building God's kingdom. The fourth voice is to gather the lambs and bring salvation to people. The speaker believes there is a gift of evangelism in the church and that there will be a multiplication of churches and salvation in the Boston area. The audience is encouraged to pray for the salvation of their families and for a move of the spirit of God in their lives. The Lord is said to be touching and restoring people and cutting down strongholds in their lives.

I’d like you to turn to your Bibles today to Isaiah chapter 45, verse 1 to 12. Father we thank you. We thank you for your presence today. We pray that you will move by your Holy Spirit and pray in the name of Jesus that you will anoint this message and every person that hears will be changed and transformed and blessed by your spirit. We thank you Lord. We give you all glory and all honor, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I’d like to talk to you today about four voices of building God’s kingdom. I really believe when I was praying that the Lord showed me that this is a church that God is using to build his kingdom in Boston. And the Lord has called this church and commissioned this church to build a great city church in Boston to bring forth a building of God’s kingdom. God has strategically planted you in this time, in this place to do a powerful word of his spirit to bring forth restoration, reformation and change in this city, and the Lord has planted you in this time and this season.

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