God whispers - can you hear him?

Omar Soto
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: In 1 Kings 19, Elijah is filled with fear and asks God to take his life. God sends an angel to feed him and strengthen him, and then tells him to go to the mountain. There, God reveals himself through a great wind, earthquake, and fire, but then comes as a small and delicate whisper. God tells Elijah that he has everything under control and to trust him. The author shares a personal experience of asking God for a butterfly to come and sit on the table with him, and while it didn't happen, he has since seen the butterflies regularly in his life. The author emphasizes the importance of recognizing God's presence in the small and seemingly insignificant moments of life.

The speaker encourages his audience, particularly men, to seek the fullness of God's love and to trust in Him, even in difficult circumstances. He uses the example of Elijah and how God affirmed him personally but also had a responsibility towards others. The speaker urges his listeners to not settle for just knowing about God but to actively seek to know Him more and to respond to His revelations in their lives. He concludes with a prayer.

We see Elijah here. God sighs the name, he does not say that he sighs the name of Elijah, but he calls Elijah as a sigh. Let's read this. First Kings, Chapter 19, beginning with verse 4, to read a bit of the story so you can see where we're going.

Verse 4, says: “... And he, Elijah, went through the desert one day on his way and came and sat under a juniper tree, and wishing to die he said –and we understand why he wanted to die. Elijah's life had been put in danger, because Queen Jezebel after he cut off the heads of all her prophets of Baal had a most wanted, Elijah's face was like this on all the posts in the city 'Wanted', a wanted person, there was a tip, a reward of I don't know how many denarii most likely. And they were looking everywhere for Elijah's head. Elijah, scared of fear, ran away, left, then says:

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