Free indeed (John 8:36)


SUMMARY: The verse "If the son sets you free you’ll be free indeed" from John 8:36 is discussed in terms of freedom, both spiritually and politically. The relationship between a nation and its God is explored, with the idea that the nation provides the promise of freedom, but only God can guarantee it. The history of the United States is used as an example, with the Declaration of Independence and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address highlighting the idea of a nation where people are free to pursue freedom, but no nation or law can guarantee it. The longing for freedom is seen as a homing device programmed by God, with the idea that people will never be at rest until they are truly free.

The speaker talks about how we were created to seek freedom and how only Jesus can truly set us free. He uses the example of the Apostle Paul standing in Athens, where democracy was born, to explain that we often worship everything and anything to satisfy our desires, but we were created to seek God. He encourages people to become disciples of Jesus and follow His teachings in order to become the people God has created us to be. He also shares stories of people being transformed by Jesus and finding true freedom. The speaker invites anyone who wants to experience this freedom to raise their hand and pray for them.

This is one of the verses that goes by so fast that you blink and you miss it: If the son sets you free you’ll be free indeed. This is the word of the Lord.

Oh God I thank you, I thank you Father for an amazing exposure to your spirit. I thank you for your word which is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and I thank you for needy hearts, including mine. Lord God thank you, we bless you and we welcome you through your word in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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