Mercedes López-Miranda
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SUMMARY: The saying "to err is human, to forgive divine" holds truth based on Scripture. Forgiveness is a central theme in the heart of God, and as Christians, we are called to forgive others. However, forgiving is not easy and requires qualities beyond our human limitations. Factors that make it difficult to forgive include our pride and selfishness, fear of being hurt again, the false idea that forgiveness is optional, waiting for the other person to repent before forgiving, and a rejection complex. We must understand that forgiving is an act of the will, and God does not give us mandates that are impossible to fulfill. Ruminating on offenses is also a harmful habit that prevents us from growing and involves others in the process. We must let go of the offense and forgive.

Forgiveness is an act of the will and God enables us to forgive. Many people struggle to forgive because they have never seen forgiveness modeled in their family or they cling to offenses and ruminate on them. Forgiveness is essential for a healthy family and is not easy, but it becomes easier when it becomes a habit. Revenge is not sweet and belongs to the Lord. The story of the wicked servant in Matthew 18:21-35 illustrates the importance of forgiveness. When we forgive, wonderful things happen and the Lord can transform our lives.

The parable of the wicked servant in Matthew 18 shows that our attitude of not forgiving can limit God's ability to work in our lives. Joseph's life in Genesis 37-50 is an example of someone who suffered greatly but chose to turn his suffering into good. He guarded his heart and didn't allow bitterness or revenge to take hold. The Bible's protagonists are not perfect, but flawed people with limitations and afflictions. It's important to not anticipate the Lord's timing and cut short what God wants to do in our lives.

Forgiveness is essential for a healthy life, family, and church. Joseph's story in Genesis shows us the importance of forgiveness and how it leads to reconciliation and restoration. Joseph chose to forgive and bear fruit even in affliction, reject bitterness, forego revenge, and exercise grace and mercy on those who betrayed him. He reaped the fruit of reconciliation with his brothers, sharing with his father Jacob, being an instrument of salvation for his entire household, and being a channel of blessing to future generations. We should develop a forgiving heart as a lifestyle and not wait for a crisis to decide whether or not to forgive. Forgiveness heals the earth, and we must be merciful to one another and forgive as the Lord commands us to do.

The speaker leads a prayer asking for God's help in forgiving others and being obedient to His word. They ask for an anointing of forgiveness and for God to use them to bring healing to the world. A link to a recorded sermon is also provided.

They have heard the saying “to err is human..., for the one who follows him?,..... to forgive is divine. have you heard that saying? Has no one heard? Ah, ok... Wake up a little bit. "To err is human, to forgive divine".

Definitely making mistakes, offending, mistreating, even abusing others, even people from our own family is human behavior. And as the second part of that saying goes, forgiving is divine. Forgiveness is not common and requires qualities that go beyond our human limitations.

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