This land is not eternal and will pass as fast as yesterday

Miriam Carrasquillo
Miriam Carrasquillo

SUMMARY: Life on earth is short and perishable, and our focus should be on eternity in heaven. We should not get too attached to this world or its things, but instead root ourselves in God's promises. Only God knows how long we have left on earth, so we should live to please Him.

We should not live life believing that our earthly existence will not expire soon, because it does not. The years that God has lent us on this earth will pass quickly, as fast as one of the night watches. However many of us are in a lethargy watching them go by. Our eternity is in heaven, and with this perspective attached to our hearts we must live, equipping ourselves for eternity, without wasting a minute of our existence.

If God in his great love and mercy was pleased to reveal to us that life on this earth is short and perishable - because he could have reserved it for him - then we must know that it is not worth getting so attached to this world, nor to the things that are in this world. , because they will perish.

Knowing this great truth, we must passionately root ourselves in all the beautiful promises that God has given us: “The world passes by, and its desires; but HE THAT DOES THE WILL OF GOD REMAINS FOREVER… ”(1 John 2: 16-17); "Heaven and earth will pass away, BUT HIS WORD SHALL NOT PASS UP" (Matthew 24:35). “For behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth; and OF THE FIRST THERE WILL BE NO MEMORY ... ”(Isaiah 65:17).

Only God knows exactly how long this earth has left, it is up to us to live our stay in it to please Him. God bless you!

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