5 steps to inner healing

Rafael Dunker
(Audio: Spanish)

SUMMARY: Dr Rafael Dunker is a psychiatrist and family therapist who has vast experience in the field. He spoke at a church event and emphasized the importance of sound doctrine and teaching. He then discussed the critical path that leads to illness and premature death, starting with family traumas that lead to harmful attitudes, conflicts, stress, dysfunction, and finally injury. He then presented 5 reconciliations for inner healing that can promote a better quality of life.

The speaker discusses the critical path to premature death, which includes dysfunction, injury, complication, and ultimately death. He emphasizes the importance of managing stress through physical exercise, contact with nature, and a natural diet. He also stresses the importance of reconciliation with others and revising one's own personal attitudes. Biblical passages are used to support these ideas.

The speaker discusses five ways to combat stress and achieve reconciliation in life: reconciliation with the natural world, reconciliation with others, reconciliation with oneself, reconciliation with parents, and reconciliation with God. He emphasizes the importance of listening and understanding one's partner, honoring parents despite their faults, and seeking spiritual healing through a relationship with God. The speaker also notes that attending church and participating in worship can have positive effects on mental and physical health. The talk concludes with an invitation to make positive changes and seek forgiveness and salvation.

The speaker thanks God for His word, which gives guidance and direction in a dark world. They pray for those who have not yet received Jesus as their savior and ask God to touch their hearts. They bless those who make a decision to follow Jesus and ask God to help them enjoy an abundant life, good health, happy marriages, and to be responsible citizens. They end the prayer in Jesus' name.

Dr Rafael Dunker is a man of God, he is a psychiatrist, educated in Spain at the Medical School there, he is a doctor but he has also been director of various academic institutions in the Dominican Republic. He is a family therapist and has run different medical institutions, hospitals and all this. So he has vast experience as a psychiatrist, but above all his foundation is the word of the Lord. He is a simple man who speaks with simple words and that I know is needed today that sound teaching, sound doctrine, the sound word of the Lord.

Listening to him yesterday before men blessed us many and we are going to receive the word of God. How many are eager to hear the word of the Lord. We invite Dr Dunker to stop by. Give a round of applause for our brother. God bless you brother, thank you for being with us.

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